Version 1.31 Features  

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Live Quotas / Global Quotas

Following great feedback from customers, we have upgraded the quota subsystem of SurveyToGo to support both live and global quotas. Quota data is now sent from the field on a constant basis, not only when synching surveys. This enables the central office to track quota in a much more real-time way. In addition, quotas used to be defined on a per-surveyor basis but now we have added the ability to define “global” quotas for a survey, which enables a group of surveyors to achieve a global set of quota requirements for a survey.

Detailed view of quota results breakdown

If you need to know which specific interviews generated which quotas the new screen will help you do exactly that. Select one or more quota and right click to view the specific interview ID’s that generated these quotas:

Per-Interview quota view

A new “Quota” tab was added to the interview screen that shows you exactly which quotas the interview met

New “free form sketching” ability added to questions

In addition to signature questions, sometimes your surveyor just needs to sketch something as the answer to a question. We have added this ability to add a “free form sketch” into a freetext question. You can either sketch on a blank canvas or use a picture as a background for the sketch!

Sketch on a blank canvas, or easily attach a picture to sketch on the picture:


Capture photos directly from your laptop into an interview! The multimedia question now works with laptops, netbooks & tablets.

SurveyToGo is now fully integrated with your laptop or netbook camera! You can now use the multimedia question along with the SurveyToGo laptop application in addition to the already existing support for the PDA.

If the Laptop/Netbook/PC has a camera, SurveyToGo will allow you to capture a picture from that camera:

Multichoice and Multiselect questions now support answer headers

Need to organize answers into groups? No problem, you can now take advantage of our answer-headers support and divide answers into groups. You can even specify that randomization works in between the answer groups only instead of between all answers.



Finally, after the configuration, here is how it will look like on the PC/PDA:

Special “End of list” tick option

Need to make sure your surveyor goes through an entire list of answers? You can now request that the surveyor ticks the special “End of List” checkbox in order to advance to the next question. This feature is supported in both Multichoice and Multiselect questions.


Finally, after the configuration, here is how it will look like on the PC/PDA:

SurveyToGo Kiosk mode now supports the 600x480 resolution

Some of the kiosks out there are equipped with smaller screens with smaller resolutions. We now support the special 600x480px screen resolution.

Word Export now supports many new features

When exporting a survey to Microsoft Word, you can now choose to embed the survey attachments directly into the exported document instead of links to the attachments. We also added the options to fully customize the columns that are exported just as you could do with the Microsoft Excel export feature.

New SPSS Quantum format exporter

SurveyToGo now supports the special SPSS Quantum data format. You can choose to export the survey data into the SPSS Quantum format along side all our existing data exporters.

Improved XML exporting

The XML exporter has been upgraded to support various additional fields important for integrating SurveyToGo with external data systems. Please contact us for more details about how to use the XML exporter when integrating SurveyToGo to other data systems.

New account usage and billing reports

The “monthly usage” report now contains the project breakdown in addition to the other data it already showed.


In addition, a new “Usage by Period” report has been added which shows you an exportable report of all the purchases and usages of interviews during a period of time.

Auto-advance feature improved

Auto advance will now work even on pages which have more than one question - as long as the page contains only one auto-advance question.

Auto hide customer nodes based on user rights

SurveyToGo will not show customer nodes for customers which you don’t have rights to any of their projects.

Exporting your interview attachments

A new feature has been added to SurveyToGo to enable a 1-click download of all the interview attachments of a survey directly to your local computer for archiving and backup purposes.

Cyclic randomization support

Sometimes, you need to show a series of questions in a specific order but the “entry point” to the sequence of questions needs to be randomized. For these cases, a new form of randomization support has been added – Cyclic randomization. In this method, only the first question is randomly selected from a list of questions, while the next questions are shown sequentially and not in a randomized order.

PDA Emulator improvements

The PDA emulator now supports the “go to” functions to jump directly to questions in the survey. In addition it also supports showing the chapter and question information on the pages tree.

Work easier with loops

When looping, you often times need to show the iteration name and/or index to the surveyor. For this purpose, 2 new keywords have been added to SurveyToGo:@_@ITERNAME@_@ @_@ITERIDX@_@. These keywords can be used in the question text of a question and will be replaced with the name of the iteration and the index.

Logic functions

New logic functions have been added that enable you to hide the navigation bar and perform many additional cool things. Contact us if you are interested to learn about the cool things that can be achieved with logic functions in SurveyToGo.

Performance improvements

Many improvements have been made on the performance side, including issues with saving a big surveys and authenticating to SurveyToGo .

HTTPS improvements

We have improved the SurveyToGo HTTPS usage to include every possible server-client communication.