Manage survey projects from one centralized place  

Manage survey projects from one centralized place
Centralized project management lets you stay on top of your project data, quotas and interviewers locations to ensure your customers get accurate and timely responses. Dedicated per-project operations console centralize all your interviews so nothing gets ignored and everything is searchable from one place. Interview statuses further improve your work-flow and put order into the chaos. Effectively track interview related data such as history, attachments, GPS locations and interviewer comments, all from one centralized place.
  • Real-time view of your interviewers GPS location enhances project management reach
  • Centralized access to your project data & quotas improves productivity
  • Effectively monitor data quality using the operations console
  • Use interview statuses to organize and add work-flow to your data collection projects
  • Define users & groups with different permissions to design, manage and review your projects

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